I grEw up surrounded by the fashion industry, With pattern maker parents who attended FIT in NYC eventually started a manufacturing company in the NJ area. Growing up I had already been around factories,showrooms,garment District company meetings, fittings, you name it. Long story short; Celehdon began with wanting to create and develop my own clothing the summer of graduating high school in 2011.

A lot of people ask me where the name came from and I tell them the following:

My late uncle passed away during my startup days, at the time my father mentioned using my uncles middle name as a possibility for a name which was celedoño. I liked it and came up with CELEHDON. I then created the logo which is a unique script. I do not see it as a tribute to him but more of the seed of a sole company. He introduced my parents to the fashion industry and it so passed down to me.